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Public Business Documents

We are an organization that serves the Bloomington-Normal community. We are proud of our transparency of business dealing and operations. Our goal with sharing this information is to ensure the public can hold us accountable but also to share information for similar clubs to become inspired or flourish in their respective community.

Public Business Documents: Text

Board of Directors

Roberto Yepez

Club President

Oversees all club activities to ensure activities are in line with the club's purpose, promotes the growth of the club, ensures all club activities are in compliance with being a 509 a (3) tax-exempt organization, and maintains financial records, and reports.

Ryan Woodside

Vice President

Assists in the growth and compliance of the club. Oversees that club activities and decisions are made to serve the community as defined in the bylaws.

Abby Luman

Director of Operations

Manages all event operations including but not limited to staffing, event planning, and event execution. Oversees that all club activities and decisions that don’t directly serve the community as defined in the bylaws are for the purpose of maintaining the club and staff wellbeing. Responsible for recruitment of volunteers and ensuring positions are enjoyable.

Dan Koon

Business Activity Director

Provides input and ideas that ensure the financial sustainability of the club by maximizing current club practice profitability and revenue generation. Oversees that all activities and decisions do not risk the long-term sustainability of the club.

Mauricio Flores-Yepez

Provides input and suggestions to proposed ideas.

General Advisor

Anna Sanlin

Provides general input and advise on operational activities of the club.

Operations Advisor

Connor Ramsey

General & Risk Assessment Advisor

Provides general input, advice, and ideas for the club while presenting potential risks of ideas that are proposed.

Public Business Documents: List

Meeting Notes & Minutes

Public Business Documents: Text

Financial Documents

Public Business Documents: Text
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