FC Diablos creates old club environment for Parente, looks back at season with the club

Posted by Angelle Cortes on Jul 10 2021 at 04:44PM PDT in 2021 Season (MWPL)

Although Magnus Parente came late into the FC Diablos season he has been crucial to the team scoring last minute goals and doing some quick feet to get past players.

Prior to playing for FC Diablos Parente went to Urbana High School, played for Illinois FC Soccer Club and then switched to Central Illinois United. Once the school year resumes he will head back to Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Parente’s goal after college is to keep playing soccer as much as his body will allow him to.

“I do want to eventually head over to Europe and try to play professionally at some level,” Parente said.

For now Parente is building up skills and resume at FC Diablos, which Jordan Walker reached out to him and asked if he was interested in joining.

Parente and Walker knew each other from playing on Central Illinois United together in their high school years. Walker convinced Parente by mentioning that several of their former club teammates would be on the team as well.

Playing over the summer wasn’t something Parente had on his mind rather individual training, but he was interested in the idea of playing with a team and talked to head coach and Club President Roberto Yepez about joining.

Ever since putting on the FC Diablos uniform, he has performed well and has been able to get last minute goals against Steel City FC and RWB Adria. Although both games ended in losses he helped the opposing team not get a clean sheet.

Another thing that Magnus has shown on the field is his ability to get past players with quick feet.

“I don’t know if I was lucky with my ability on the ball and my technical abilities, but I’ve done a lot of juggling in my time and I have a bunch of mini-balls that I’m constantly dribbling around the house. I might be driving my parents crazy, but that’s been really helpful,” Parente said.

Parente has appeared in four games, scored two goals and grabbed one assist and has been impactful in the midfield. The season isn’t over yet with four games left, but he has much to say about it.

“I’m pretty pleased with how the season is going, it’s been really good,” Parente said. “Definitely from more of a life perspective it has just been nice to meet new people…that I’ve built friendships with over the past couple of months.”

“From a soccer perspective it’s been a pretty good season as well. Unfortunately the last couple of games haven’t been exactly the result we wanted but before that we were on a great run of form. It’s just been great and a lot of fun.”

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