Change is inevitable for Esparon, continues to grow anywhere he is

Posted by Angelle Cortes on Jul 09 2021 at 03:56PM PDT

FC Diablos are full of in-state and international players. Nicolas “Nico” Esparon is one of those players who has added some French flair to the squad.

Hailing from Saint-Denis, Reunion, France, Esparon originally wasn’t even looking to take his soccer skills to the next level. A year before his senior year he was set to go to Paris to continue his education, but there were scouts who were visiting. For a week out of 500 players, there were tests during the week and games on the weekend.

“Lucky I was like one of the five players selected to go play overseas,” Esparon said. “Three of them went to Canada and two of us to the United States.”

Esparon currently attends Monmouth College majoring in Business Administration, but that’s not where he started his collegiate career. He began at Southeastern Community College in West Burlington, Iowa but then moved to where he is right now at Monmouth.

How Esparon stumbled upon FC Diablos was from his coach at Monmouth. They talked about the club and him and a friend on the team were about to try out, but due to COVID-19 only Esparon could make it.

Although he had thoughts of going back home to France to be with his family, he spoke to them over the phone and told them about the chance that he had to play semi-professional soccer. He ultimately chose to stay and contacted current FC Diablos head coach and Club President Roberto Yepez.

From there he started his journey in Diablo’s colors. Esparon usually plays as a forward at Monmouth, but he was switched to a center defensive midfielder.

Although the season is not over with four more matches left, Esparon can say that his first season for FC Diablos has gone well for him.

“It’s my first time playing for a semi-pro team and I think I did pretty good,” Esparon said. “I’m happy honestly, especially since I played a position I’ve never played before…I just think I did really well, you know. I’ve done some mistakes obviously and you know it’s a common error from everybody. Overall I think I did pretty good.”

If you’ve come to a match you might have heard Esparon yelling or screaming at his team to help lead them. Esparon hasn’t always been this loud on the field, but he grew from being the quiet player he once was.

His father used to play soccer in France and one piece of advice he gave Esparon was that leadership was a key point in any sport you play.

“When I first came to the U.S. my freshman and sophomore year I was kind of like the quiet kid, but soon I realized I want to be someone and go to the next level,” Esparon said. “I just want to be that one person that helps each other…What I know about soccer is what somebody else don’t know so that’s why I try to talk with my teammates.”

Just four matches left in the season FC Diablos will look to fight hard on the field to gain as many points as they can to get close to first. You can expect Jordan Walker to score more goals and Esparon to lead the team and help out in any way he can.

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